The Inyo Crater Loop

I was not motivated to ride but I knew I needed to get out and pedal since it had been a couple days. So I grabed that Mountain bike trail book and picked out the Inyo Crater Loop.

Should be a couple mellow enjoyable miles of single track which always seem to be never enough of. I was wanting to ride something different then the usual backyard trails. My friend Jodi also was not that motivated either so Inyo Craters was it.

I went and picked her up and we drove onto the scenic loop road and a left onto a dirt rode to the trail head.

INYO Craters Trail Head

INYO Craters Trail Head

Still unmotivated and moving slowly to unload the bikes.

Start of the Single Track

Start of the Single Track

Nice rolling single track between pine and sage brush.

Mountain Biking this single track is nice.

Mountain Biking this single track is nice.

After going for a while we have a little short steep climb but now we are motivated and having some fun.

Steep short section on the Inyo trail.

Steep short section on the Inyo trail.

After climbing this short steep section there is a slight down hill then you come to an open parking area. We then crossed the parking area and followed the blue diamonds up to the craters.

At the bottom of the craters there are pools of water at the bottom.

Fun fast single track down hill and back to the car.

A big 3.5 mile ride perfect for unmotivation but yeah we where like yeah lets ride some more.

So back at the car, We continue to ride up the dirt rode to crater flats. While riding are intent to ride to Crater Flats.  We end up wondering on this gravel road called 3N20. Then we merged onto 3N20A which looped around to some cool moto singletrack. The singletrack was fun because we were riding are fatbikes.

Which leads to another good reason why owning a fat bike. If the motos shred that once good singletrack its fun again, because the fat tires eat up loose conditions but anyway got deep there haha.

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