Bridgeport, CA to Mammoth Lakes, CA check!!!

Bridgeport to Mammoth check!!!
I have driven this stretch of highway 395 for years now. The views and smaller towns have always intrigued me but I am usually trying to get to and from point A and B and some what of a hurry. With the some what warmer weather I thought on my next day off I was going to saddle up and knock it off the list.
The day before my ride I called up Eastern Sierra Transit Authority to reserve a seat and a spot for the bike.
I can home from work and swapped out my mountain bike tires for cyclocross tires the skinniest tires I owned for least rolling resistance.
I set out my riding cloths and fell asleep. Alarm rings at 6:30am I hit the snooze button about 5 times. I had to catch the bus to Bridgeport at 8:20am.
Ok I lagged popped in the shower at 7:38am dressed hoped on my bike it got to the bus stop at 8:08am it was 39 degrees.

waiting for the bus

waiting for the bus

Yes I was full spandex out with a riding jacket over. I was wondering if I would be warm enough checked the weather on the iPhone it was suppose to be a high of 55 degrees.
Once the bus pulled up I loaded my bike on the rack gave him the bus fair of $9.50 then found a seat and relaxed for an hour. Once we pulled we stopped at a park near a museum a couple people unloaded and they where off to Reno, NV


I did not eat breakfast and I knew I needed to fuel up for what I new was going to be a big ride for this person.
I have always wanted to stop at the Bridgeport Inn and as far as I know the only place to eat when it’s not fishmas also know as fishing season.
I had ordered breakfast and told the waitress if she mind if I snooped around it was really cool inside if your into historic stuff then she told me it was established in 1877 I thought it was great.
Ok breakfast came. so yummy.


Full and happy it was still cool out so while enjoying coffee I knew I had to get motivated.
I saddled up and started to leave the town of Bridgeport.

I looked up ahead and was thinking this is going to be a long beautiful ride and no turning back now.
After about 10 miles of slight uphill I came to another cool eatery and lodging.
I was way to full to stop and check it out but it had cool old bikes had to take a snapshot.


I kept going for another 3-5 mile and saw the entrance to Bodie and the start of Conway Summit not taking anything away but I did think it would be a little tougher.
This is the stretch I really wanted to see. There was a beautiful valley of trees not yet in bloom and a stream. I kept going and saw a yellow belly marmot but he took off before I could grab a picture.

After more miles I came to Conway Summit.

Another few more miles there was a beautiful over look of Mono Lake.

This was a very rewarding kinda long downhill with of course a beautiful over look of the mono basin. Which is a ride I did and posted before around the lake.
I pedaled into the town of Lee Vining also the easy entrance to Yosemite National Park. I was wanting a sugar rush so I stopped at Nicely’s Resturant for some fresh baked Pecan Pie ala Mode And a Coke. Aw so good and full.
Hoped on the bike and Pedaled on.
I was getting close to June Lake and saw the sign.

Aw I am getting tired and this is a good climb up to Deadmans Summit. Although tired I knew I was getting closer to Mammoth.
After 20 miles of up and down I got to the Mammoth off ramp.
Ug I forgot for a bit the good climb to the Town of Mammoth Lakes.

At last I got this ride in the books I checked strava thinking I climbed about 2800 feet. I had climbed 4800+ feet and 56.1 miles woohoo
I need a beer.
Screen Shot 2014-04-11 at 4.14.17 PM
Screen Shot 2014-04-11 at 4.14.37 PM

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