Pyramid Peak done after 3 years staring at it.

John Muir nailed this one for me. The Mountains are calling me.
I drive around town a lot in Mammoth and Pyramid Peak tends to stare at me. This one calls to me. I sometimes loose sleep because I think about it.

The Mountain are Calling

The Mountain are Calling

Well its been a warm spring and if I didn’t climb it this day it was going to be the third year I let this get away from me. I asked around to see if anyone wanted to venture this with me the few I asked had the same reply it’s to thin and rocky. Well I didn’t want to let that stop me. I had to go at it and see.
So I wook up at 8am and went to Basecamp Cafe for breakfast.

Pyramid Peak

Pyramid Peak

There it was again Pyramid Peak driving to Basecamp Cafe.
I ordered A coffee and a Basil Tomato cream cheese bagel and added an egg. While waiting for breakfast to come. I had the Devil and Angel on my shoulder scenario going on.
I was unsure of this hike and snowboard trip How long would this take to do. I wanted to talk myself out of it.
Once Coffee and breakfast upped I was thinking what else am i going to do today. Get er dun. So I stopped at the store to grab cheese and cookies and water for snacks and Hydration and fuel. Grabbed my backpack cloths and board hopped in the car and drove to Tamarack Lodge

Once near Tamarack Lodge I parked my car on Lake Mary RD at the start of the cross-country area and began my hike walking on the winter access side.

Winter Access Trail Lake Mary RD

Winter Access Trail Lake Mary RD

after a bit of probably about a mile I came up to the start of the ridge. yikes! Steep!
Start of the Sherwins Ridge

Start of the Sherwins Ridge

This is where the fun really begins ok not really its the start of a steep climb and you really gain elevation quickly.
An Old Rail Track over looking the Lakes Basin

An Old Rail Track over looking the Lakes Basin

After you start climbing you come across mines and old rail tracks over looking the Lakes Basin.
Boulder Hoping

Boulder Hoping

A bit further up the climb goes through a boulder field and my goats like skills come into effect gotta be careful not to get your legs lodged in here and avoiding snapped limbs.
Nice Vantage point

Nice Vantage point

After the boulder field you come up to a kinda 100ft flat trail vantage area and a nice area for a breather before you start a rocks and latter climb.
Rock Stacks

Rock Stacks

The Rocks and Ladders climb was bloody steep stopped at this rock stack wind protector hut. Had a cheese stick and water break and enjoyed the view. Ok lets keep going.
I got to the top of the ridge and most of the major uphill was over but I still had a ways to go on a rising ridge.
Pyramid Peak in the distance

Pyramid Peak in the distance

After another hour of climbing I took a break enjoyed another cheese stick and peanut butter cookie. I really needed the break after a couple thousand feet of climbing. Looking up I had kinda a steep rocky climb to the next kinda peak.

While resting I took in the view I looked back at what I climbed. I could see mammoth crest, Mammoth Mountain Ski Area, and the Minarets.

Now at the top of that steep climb I had a downhill then another steep climb.

Another hour of climbing I was near to top.

It start to get cloudy. It started to get cold and started to snow shower.

I made it to the top. I enjoyed my accomplishment caught my breath and took in the views. Across the upper Owens Valley there was lightning strikes on the White Mountains. I was getting nervous being exposed on this Ridgeline I knew it was time to drop in.

I strapped in and enjoyed the ride down. If a pictures is worth a 1000 words here in a million words with my go pro footage of the ride down.

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