Paddleboarding Mono Lake

The High Sierra is warming up for the spring and it felt like a summer day so hopping on my paddleboard seem like a great idea.
I set the alarm for 7am the night before so I could get up early in my world.
The alarm sets off! I hopped up Loaded up the board and headed to the fuel station to fill up on some petrol. I stopped at the New York Deli for a lox and cream cheese bagel and coffee and headed to Mono Lake.

Navy monument

Navy Monument

After about 45 minutes I was at Navy Beach. The Navy use to do testing at Mono Lake hence the name Navy Beach.

bird watching

bird watching

As soon as I opened the door I was mobbed by gnats I put on some sunscreen and no more bugs. I un strapped my board and paddle and had walked to the shore, kicked off my shoes and carefully walked my board into deeper water and stood up and paddled onto the lake. The water was pretty green makes since, it was kinda a warm winter. I could see alot of brine shrimp. Due to the high alkalinity of the water (pH 10), there are no fish in Mono Lake. The water was almost glass. There where a few birds but it didn’t seem like a lot of sea gulls where around maybe it was early but its suppose to be the second largest breading area next to the great Salt Lake.

Nesting Osprey

Nesting Osprey

Its Osprey nesting season so you should stay 200 yards away if you get to close they will start chirping at you.
I brought some binoculars to view Osprey and other fowl while paddling.
The nesting Osprey where always on the highest tufa.
 After about an hour of exploring I headed back to the shore strapped the board back on the car. Drove off thinking what a great morning wonder why more people don’t paddle here maybe its the water 3 times saltier then the ocean.

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