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Owens Valley Cyclocross

Owens Valley Cyclocross #3 at the Wye Road Course went off great!
Fortunately my wonderful wife hustled around and took a bunch of pics.
In chronological order.
Eric rolls through the “party spot”.

Doug drops into the “party spot”

Joe is all smiles in front of fall foliage.

Lots of battles out there. Royce and I were never too far apart.

Pete and Andreas hopping barriers early in the race.

B. Cashore and Eric go at it.

Kathleen pushes it up the run up.

Yours truly runs up.

While the maestro, Royce, rides it!

I’ve forgotten this gal’s name! Apologies. Approaching the run up.

Joe sets her down and prepares to remount.

Kegan about to remount.

Doug drops into the horseshoe section.

Todd prepares to carve the drop in.

Brian too.

Karen wisely takes it with a healthy dose of caution.

Andreas & Bill battle some more

Rolling the meadow.

I try to keep Royce within striking distance late in the race.

Pete sets up for the hairpin turn.

Andreas with mountains.

Chris chases Todd late in the race.

Pete rolls next to the creek.

The sprint at the end was close, but not close enough.
Royce, B. Cashore, and me.

Post race. Mutual respects!

Big thanks to the photographer.

And her able assistant.
And big thanks to all who came out and rode, cheered, counted laps, roasted brats, sipped beer, set up the course, took down the course, and, most of all, celebrated cyclocross Owens Valley style!!
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