Adventure in Tonopah!

I have driven and bike toured thru Tonopah, NV but have never really checked the town out. May 21, 2010 Flashback video bike touring thru Tonopah, NV

I have also been into Mountain biking around and thru living and Non living Ghost towns. The history of how these places use to thrive have been interesting to me of late. I occasionally  like to disk golf and hit up a Brewery as well. I had also heard the Mizpah Hotel was reopened by Fred and Nancy Cline, vintners from Sonoma, Calif., Tonopah’s five-story Mizpah hotel, which had been closed for 12 years.

The hotel operators hoped the location would attract the “adventure traveler,” said Ms. Cline, 58. “It is in the middle of nowhere, and you literally feel like it is 1910.” Well there quote was right it attracted the Adventure traveler me hehe.

So I made the drive from Mammoth Lakes, CA to Tonopah, NV  about a 2 hour drive with a friend John. We pulled into the Nostalgic town of Tonopah instantly you notice old classic cars, Old historic Buildings a blast from the past. The first goal was to find the Historic Mining Town Park entrance you could see the name on the Mountain of Mt. Oddie. We found the Entrance.


John checking the signs before we enter the park


Parking at the visitor center

We parked at the visitor center to check out the exhibit pay are $5 person entrance fee. Thought it was totally worth it.


gift shop


The first exhibit John was a kid in the candy hopping in the old search and rescue Jeep.


A fantastic exhibit of rocks and minerals blown away.


A little theater.


We got are map and you could mountain bike which really allowed to check out the place 5 miles of trails.


The first exhibit was this truck that lowered people into a mine.


Checking out the Queen


Climbing up a steep trail to the top. Not recommended for beginners


Top of the mine over looking a section of town,


Top of the mine over looking the main Town of Tonopah


Riding back down to the queen on Double track.


Riding on an old car track over looking town.


A much needed break with a view 😉


Where gold, silver bars where stored. Old safe that was blown open but the robbers where denied the precious metal.


The Foundation of one of the mines.


Original Cabin of Barbara Graham

Barbara Graham


John enjoying the Glory Hole Exhibit


Original Miners Cabin 1909


John riding one of the trails to check out more Historic awesomeness.


John imaging what it was like working the Gold Ore Mill


A view of town from the Mill

I could see the Tonopah Brewery from the Mill window. I was getting hungry and wanting to taste the beer.


Old electric meter.


Riding under the Gold Ore mill would be need if gold feel from the sky into my pocket although might hurt a bit.


Mizpah Hotel from the mine.


The earth being retained by the rafters




riding in a mineshaft very cool.


over looking at least four stories of tunnels.


This was very cool the Real Knotts Berry Farm.


The original fat bikes 30x 3.8 tire size.


How Miners lived


old Bottles and stuff everything was so crafted back in the days.


Coffee and bikes was also popular back then.

The trail was ok for mountain biking not recommended for beginners except lower part but it was a great experience to see the park. I would truly recommend it if you are into checking this stuff out.

When I had heard there was a brewery that opened up it was a bonus to come enjoy Tonopah.


Tonopah Brewery

Pulling up to the Tonopah Brewery was pretty neat and after checking out the Mine park seeing the big pick clicked why the Brewery had a large pick. Entering into the brewery was very nice and clean nice feel to eat.

After looking the menu I knew the tasters was the right choice. Paired with the 1/2 brisket burger and 1/2 Burnt tips Burger with the Nuclear sauce for a little kick a side of Potato Salad. OMG and the best onions rings I have ever had I really liked the old silver dollars embedded to the bar.


the 3oz tasters


Beer Tanks


So freakin good yes I am a foodie

After a late lunch we checked out Highland Park to play a nine hole Disk Golf which we ended up doubling to make it a 18 hole. This course was fun for us because are home course is just in the woods with some ribbons around a tree. So playing with real baskets was a nice thing the park was empty. Also was a nice park.


John trying to par hole 2


The 9 hole a gimme shot hehe

Tonopah was a fun day trip. riding bikes checking out neat old stuff yummy beer and food and Disk golf. Next up Winnemucca and Beatty, NV

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