You Gotta Ride (mountain bike) Trail Oasis (Spicer Ranch) Beatty, NV

I have driven thru Beatty, NV back and forth a few times from Mammoth to Las Vegas or Goose Berry Mesa, Southern Utah and Beatty has always been a Gas stop at the Candy Nut place. I have looked at the terrain and always thought hum this would be a cool place to ride. One day looking at facebook I saw that SNMBA had shared Trails Oasis out of Beatty, NV. I was like Hot Dog gotta check it out. Time has past and finally was going to go ride this place I invited John to come out also so he was like sure. I checked out the Trails OV website and the MTBproject site  and typed Beatty, NV.

I original saw 8 miles of singletrack and thought cool I can just make this a quick day trip but knew I wanted to check out Baily’s Hot Springs as well. I left the option of camping out. Turns out Trails Oasis has a camping area.

So we hoped in the car put it on cruize control made the Three Hour trip from Mammoth Lakes, CA to Beatty, NV. I was trying to remember the turn off Boiling Point RD.

Saw the Great Land Mark a Yellow Bike (art work) mounted on the gate and a sign.


Standing by the Land Mark.

I followed the parking signs to a Kiosk


Kiosk with Guest Book and a Donation Box

I wasn’t really sure what to expect but I thought it was awesome someone was sharing his ranch and trails to the world.


Making my entry and a donation.

John and I got kitted up and was excited what Beatty, NV had to share to the world.

We started to ride up and was quickly greeted by Dave Spicer himself.


Dave and John chatted it up excited to share his passion.

Dave said you boys go check out the Dynamite Trail and I will meet you back and he would give us the tour.


The start of the Storm Trail

As soon as you hit the first Cattle Guard sign marker you could see you where in for a treat.


Getting are start on the Storm Trail

We started on the Storm trail heading to the Dynamite Trail.


Crossing thru the horse pasture

It was great riding thru a pasture full of horses


The other side of the pasture great Red Hill in the back drop.

On the other side of the pasture was the dynamite Junction and it was up and away a Black Diamond Trail


From the Dynamite Trail great views


Some Cliff side exposure to add some excitement.

As you start riding you just cant keep a smile off your face lots of flow very sustained trails.


A vast view point


Spicer Ranch Over Look

After the Spicer Ranch Overlook we descended a techie cliff side descent to junction to the SouthPond Trail. There where ponds scattered around the ranch.


Cattleguard crossing Southpond Junction.


Southpond Trail


Southpond Overlook


Dave Spicer meeting up with us to show us the back trails


To the Plutonium Trail

We starting riding up the Plutonium Trail to the ridge line there was a slight grade but you were climbing.


We used the old Silica Mine of the early 1900s as a landmark

Dave told us when we are out riding to take a look around to see landmarks to have a look around like the old Silica mine of the early 1900s.


A look back at the glories singletrack of what we have ridden and more to come.


Smiles of singletrack


Had to take a Classic U2 photo


Brad Screamer Junction and Plutonium Ridge Junction

At the Brad Screamer Junction we could see and hear some of the wild Burro but they where to far for me to get a good photo.


It started getting dark it was time to race the amazing sunset


Beautiful Pinks sunset reflecting off on of the many Ponds

We hand got back to the car just with a sunset of light. Dave invited us back the next day to go ride more trails. We were tired and hungry after amazing fun filled flow trails day. It was time to go find are campground and soak in some hot springs also to find some eats.


Baily’s Hot Springs and Camp


Camp site on a grassy area Private hot spring in the background

We went and setup the tent now we just had to pick up the keys there weere three to pick from but one had a Mammoth Brewery sticker on it so we choose that one.


Mammoth Brewery Stickered Key


The soaking was nice after a long ride.

After the hot springs it was time to go get some chow. The suggestion tonight was Mama Sara’s for some local flavor.


Mama Sara’s

After a Carna Asada Burrito with rice and Beans and a Beer. I was ready to go back soak in the hot springs for a bit more. I was so relaxed and ready to crawl in my sleeping bag and ZZZZZZZZZZZZ.

To camp and soak the price was $16.35 cents but I just gave them the full $17. I thought it was a good price to lay my head and also to enjoy a nice Natural Mineral bath so much that when I got up and soaked some more right at 7 am when it reopens. We broke camp down and was ready for a warm breakfast the morning was pretty cold at 40 degrees. Mel’s Diner was the place for a hot breakfast.

Image 3

Classic Diner Mel’s

Image 4

With a Classic Breakfast I want some French Toast

Hot damn that was delicious. I had no idea you could get friendly service and great food. But now it was time to meet back up for some more amazing singletrack.


We left the parking lot to start the Canteen Trail


Canteen to the Junction Trail


More great Joshua Trees

We linked back up to Brads Screamer and dropped down to a wash trail where we really had fun on are fatbikes. We saw and old mine with bunks still inside and then this waterfall canyon would have been fun if I had my canyoneering gear with me we finished the trail reconnecting to the Canteen which actually had an old canteen on the side of the trail.

we rode from 9am until 1:30pm and still did not not touch all the trails but I had to get back to town. we went back to Beatty for Lunch at KC Outpost and Saloon.

The land marks.


The T-bird Special so good

You really should come play on these trails and sample some of the good eats of Beatty, NV

Another great read on Beatty, NV Mountain biking

Looking forward to Tinker Classic race here 

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2 Responses to You Gotta Ride (mountain bike) Trail Oasis (Spicer Ranch) Beatty, NV

  1. Jimi says:

    Great article. Thanks for the write up. I’ve been looking to go ride there a lot lately. Just an FYI, proofreading helps! “Where” is not “were” and then there’s the sentence: “Eat was time to go find are campground and soak in some hot springs.”

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