Titus Canyon after a 20 year dream

I have wanted to Mountain Bike Titus Canyon for 20 years now and for some reason I have not been able to get out there. It’s not like its that far 5 hours ish from where I have lived. Also the last time I visited the Death Valley National Park I did not own a high clearance vehicle so I was not able to see Titus Canyon. From Photos I have seen the canyon looked amazing. If cars could drive thru it  had to be even better on a bike with no obstructive views and you could feel the canyon. Deep I know right well F-bomb yeah. With the hype of the wildflowers blowing up. The time was calling and I must go I am not getting any younger – a John Muir (Hunter remix). I packed everything I thought I would need for the trip. Loaded the GPX file I created on hill map on my GPS etrek 20 and was off after I finished racing my first 8k cross-country skate race. Which was tiring hehe. I stayed the night in Beatty, NV which I learned about after my last trip to mountain bike the local Trails Oasis  (read about last trip). I got to Beatty, NV. Set-up camp at Baily’s Hot Springs because the hot springs feel great.

After I was set up I went to check out some local flavor that I did not tried  last trip. For dinner it the Happy Burro and Chili and Beer.


Happy Burro Beer and Chili

chili burro

Tired enjoying Beer and Chili

The Happy Burro was a small, charming,

friendly place. After enjoying the local flair and was time for me to head back to my tent enjoy my growler that I picked up from Mountain Rambler Brewery.


Camp Beer yummy.

Now that I had a great sleep. I was off to Mel’s Dinner for for a hearty breakfast I knew it would be a big day for me. The GPS I created told me it would be 58 miles and 6700 Ft of climbing. Real world 60.8 6800ft of climbing. I knew I did not want to finish on a big climb so I drove into the park 13 miles to a parking area, picnic table and bathroom which all came in handy. Sat on the table to enjoy the desert view and made two sandwiches.


Now that I was loaded with Water (3 l), 2 sandwiches and bike tools a tube and patches I felt good for the journey. I immediately started to climb no warm up.

I hit the road and right away I noticed the desert bloom. I had 13 miles of road before I would reach dirt and the start of Titus Canyon.

I had reached the first summit.


Daylight Pass 4317ft

And now I got a break with a downhill. I had to stop and take a photo with the Death Valley sign right? Yep


Looking back at my downhill.

I continued downhill for a few miles until I made a left on to Titus Canyon Road.

I was greeted by about 10 burros but these two where the close ones.




After seeing the high clearance vehicle sign I was not sure what I was going to experience but was looking forward to it.

The climb was a nice steady climb the topography really started getting interesting. I was starting to wonder where the canyon was where I saw so many photos. The road started to narrow so when I saw 4wd drives coming up I would yield drink some water and take in the views.


I reached my first dirt peak and had a steep fun downhill a few cars I caught and they returned the favor by letting me pass them. In the distance you could see another semi steep climb in the distance which also was the peak of the dirt section of my ride.


The layers of rock probably gives a geologist an orgasm. This canyon my eyes sure where.


I stopped at this view to enjoy a sandwich let a car pass and soak in some of my accomplishments. I should have felt tired at this point the excitement though was energizing.


I had finished the peak of the dirt section and also the high point of my ride.

I had reached the peak of my ride a neat pretty maintained red service road. People where telling me I was awesome and I was seeing the canyon better then them in there cars. So I was was feeling pretty awesome he-he. Looking down there was a ghost town down below. I was also wondering where are these narrows.


I had reached the Ghost town of Leadfield had a quick look around.


I wasn’t sure how much time of daylight I would have so I kept it quick and some more friendly chats.

Just past the ghost town I started to hit the narrows.


A little into the narrows I came up to some Petroglyhps which was bonus I had know idea these where here.



after admiring the stories told on rock and amazed they have survived time I rode one.

Still feeling awesome riding thru the canyon I ride up on this guy. A runner from Japan with a pack cart. I was curious about his story but did not want to stop his rhythm. Gosh darn it I wasn’t awesome this guy was. I was quickly ADD though because I really saw the amazement of the canyon.


This place was wild its like the gods where talking to me. I could see the shadow of a hand pointed up and talk about timing a hawk was soaring above me. Did I mention area 51 was nearby.


I really liked this photo with the golden light.


I felt like touching the rock to see if I could absorb some energy.

I was feeling energized from the beauty of the canyon.


Did I mention the rock work in this canyon? The Mosaic of rocks was kinda the grand finally of the canyon.



Taking a look back with amazement of what I just went thru. I peaked out at 5177ft and now I am dropping down 38 feet below sea level.


Dropping to the Valley floor.



I had reached the valley floor with a celebration of wild flowers and dunes.

I was excited I was thinking I just had 7 miles to go of rolling flats to my car.


Little did I know when I got to the junction. I still had about 8 miles of ups and 2200ft of climbing.


A look back of some climbing

I was starting to feel the ride mentally the energizing of the canyon was wearing off.

I was finished with the ride but I still had a few miles to go.

I looked over and saw this heart rock surrounded by flowers probably the only person to see this and maybe the only who will.



More up up finally



I had some beer left, enjoyed some sips un kitted into some casual cloths.

I looked for some food that I did not try in Beatty, NV gave Sourdough Saloon a go yummy pizza and some light beer to get hydrated.

went back to the hot springs for a camp tried a new place for breakfast. Gema Wagon Wheel Cafe

I had time for a quick one hour ride at Trail Oasis so ha to do it.


THE END hope you ride it and enjoy RIDE ON!


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