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I just got back from riding a sample of this trail actually went up to Kirkwood to cross country ski. I brought my bike just in case I had time to ride about an Hour and a half before the sun dipped down. I enjoyed it so much I grabbed a cheap hotel and to take advantage of an all you can eat Sushi Bar. Had a nice sleep and got up early in my world to bike another hour of another section of trail enjoyed a nice breakfast  in the historic part of Carson City across from the Capitol building. Then I Headed almost 3 Hours to home to get to work but I need to make more time to finish this trail network. I will also be doing the Carson Epic a 50 mile mtb race first weekend of June.

ASH CANYON Ash Canyon provides the best riding in Carson City. Smooth, fast singletrack, and spectacular views of the valley below. Although there is a lot of climbing on most of the trails, the tr…

Source: Trails and Maps

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1 Response to Trails and Maps

  1. Lisa says:

    Oh, I agree. I love Ash Canyon for every reason you just said. I’d sure want to go back there… and soon!

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