SEMBA is 1 Yr Old! Still in Diapers, But Way Past Crawling :)

Glad to be a member of the SEMBA group doing great things.

Sierra Eastside Mountain Bike Associaton

Our rookie year is just about in the books – so let’s pat ourselves on the back!!  We scoured our Instagram and FB page to collect the “year in photos” below.  Before we start blowing kisses, here’s a blatant call out:  If you’re a member already, don’t forget to RENEW when you get bombarded by the IMBA postcards and e-minders.  If you’re not a member yet, then JOIN ALREADY.  Our goal is 100 members by the end of the year!! (We currently have 64 official members, in case you’re curious).


img_3918 Alan, John, Jen, and Archito – getting ready to host a fat bike demo during the Winter Recreation Summit

  • August 2015 – Jennifer Girard, Ted Dardzinski, Ingrid Braun, and myself (Alan Jacoby) got together, drank beers, wrote a manifesto, crushed cans, played bike polo, drank more beers, and formed the “Founding Board of SEMBA”…

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