Goldfield, NV

Goldfield, Nevada another Ghost Town by bike. Inspired from a previous Tonopah and Beatty, NV rides.

It was time to get out of town from Historic snow fall in Mammoth Lakes and I was jonesing for dirt. Goldfield was on my list for exploring since I have been on a kick to explore ghost towns by bike. I got up early for me loaded up the bike and gear and headed out.


I made a stop in Tonopah, NV to check out the Mizpah Hotel and enjoyed some breakfast at there Cafe.


Now with a full breakfast I was ready to explore by Bike just had to drive 26 more miles.

I found a nice parking area to ditch my car and go explore. I had mapped out a route on to go ride.

My first stop on my way to see the famous old hotel on what I thought was going to be the Main event and it might have been. I also saw the local radio station and you could see them chatting. It was great I tuned in while cruising around the town.

This Building was pretty amazing peaking thru the windows a bummer its shut down.

The Old High School

The Old Bank

The Fire Station  still in use.


As well as the Courthouse

But not the Old Telephone/ Telegraph Company.


There where so many more old building with historical numbers on them I am sure the visitor center had a map about them but they where closed so I didn’t get to check them out. Ok after checking out the town it was time to go ride the Gpx I had loaded on my Gps unit.

I had started to ride the double track but the snow got deep.

I pushed on hoping it would thin out but it didn’t I was getting a bit discouraged because I drove aways and I wanted to ride. I was surprised to see this share the road marker with a bike symbol a effort for a bike trail. I looked towards the highway and a way to get back to the road. I did have to posthole a bit until I got to the driveway. I started riding the road and noticed there was a cemetery so I became a bit curious.

There where tombstones from the Late 1800s. I tried to imagine there stories. With the town covered in snow I also tried to imagine how they heated the area while I was wearing modern winter garments think darn I am spoiled. I still wanted to ride I was going to just tour more streets that I had missed. I looked to the east and noticed there was less snow.


Then I could see some dirt roads and what looked like a stamp mill. There is the old saying curiosity killed the cat but it also discovered America and thats what I was doing here. so I pedaled towards the mine.


The gateway to the mine there was a Historic Bullfrog Train


and well a Saloon

I was getting thirsty seem like a proper watering hole and a Coors light seem like proper water.


The bartender didn’t seem to friendly at first but while I was donating 5 bucks to the slot funds I noticed on the mirror home of the meanest bartenders then I giggled to myself.


Now that I was no longer thirsty back to riding and exploring.








I saw this sign Diamondfield didn’t really think anything of it at first then I saw another sign so I googled it turned out to be another ghost town and it was another 5 miles away and thought great I will get a decent ride in today so I trucked on or well pedaled.


I went off the main road a little bit to follow this old rail trail and figured it would merge back to the dirt road.


I was happy to be riding dirt and packed snow and getting miles in.


I had only really saw two marker this one of the Deerfield High school of 1904-1911. The road dead end to a private looked like ghost town but there where no trespassing signs around so I just headed back. I was also getting hungry.



I remembered seeing something also on the Car Forest so I had to check this before I hit up the local diner.

It was delicious. The End!


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3 Responses to Goldfield, NV

  1. Emilio Pasquale says:

    Looks like you saw parts of Goldfield that I missed, and I’ve been back two or three times. Guess I’ll take another trip by spring. Thanks for the tour!

    • What did you miss? I need to go back myself and see what it’s like with no snow.

      • Emilio Pasquale says:

        I guess not really that much. We never went into the Mizpah Hotel in Tonopah, which I’d like to do. In Goldfield, I don’t think we ever saw the cemetery. You also have a photo of the mine with some old cars at the fence, and the Bullfrog train that we never saw. The first time we went, we had no idea the car forest was there and went back one weekend just for that. Also, whenever we’ve been there, The Dink Diner has been closed. I might take a drive up there this weekend just to do a bit more exploring. Hope there’s still some snow.

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