Death Valley Hot Springs out Day 3

Death Valley Hot Springs out Day 3

I didn’t want to leave this place and I didn’t have food to really stay one more night. I also would have had to be back to work by 5pm.

I looked at my gps to see what elevation the springs was at 1400ft and my car was at 7400 so I knew it was going to be a big day so I set my alarm for 6:30am the previous night. I had planned to get one more soak in and watch the sunset. Boom alarm rings I started to walk over to the hot spring turns out a lot of people had the same idea. The pool was full and Eric had already beat me there. So I decided to just make soup for breakfast and pack up before it got late and warm.


Eric was still soaking and stayed another night. So I was packed up and headed on the road. After a couple miles riding, a neat kinda artsy sign popped up to let people know coming in the main road you where getting close to the springs.


I had dropped another few hundred feet although enjoying the down hill I was thinking shucks this will really be a big climbing day. I was at the bottom of the valley and kinda had a flat 5 mile ride.


A guy in a black jeep  pulled up and said he saw your post on the facebook page and asked if I wanted anything. I was really craving a soda I didn’t bring any electrolytes this trip what a rookie mistake. so I randomly asked if he had any soft drinks. He said I sure do and pulled out a coke cola oh boy I was so happy.


That Coke was perfect I got a little zip. and Started to ride along.

I stopped to check to see where I had ridden. I could barely make out the palm trees.


After riding across the valley I reached the road that would take me back to my car.

There was a spring at the joint.


I was good on water I was thinking plus I didn’t have a filter with me. Riding some more I would noticed some canyons that looked neat.


Hunter Canyon

Some of them had old mine buildings next to them but I didn’t know the history of the area.

IMG_3832 (1)


Beverage Canyon

Riding along I came up to this green oasis with a spring flowing I still had plenty of water.

About this point of the ride probably about 15 miles in the road started to climb. I looked back again to see where I came from.


About the 3000ft plus the desert started to bloom again.





I really had no idea how many purple flowers bloomed in the desert. but back to more climbing,

I checked my GPS to get an idea what miles and elevation to look forward. I didn’t refresh the batteries before my trip so the Gps shutoff. I was glad there where some signs and a straight forward trail back to the car.


The road was getting a little steeper



I was starting to get hungry I had already ate a tuna packet but was time for another Salami wrap.


I thought I was getting close to the top so I started drinking more water.


I started to get in the tree section I could see snow and I was thinking just a couple more miles and I would make it back home to get a margarita that I had on my mind since the 4x4ers where talking about a cold refreshing drink would be fantastic.


I had some peeps offering me a ride but thinking I got this just a couple miles. Thinking I was close to the top I was getting pumped after a hard day in the saddle. Then a guy in a subaru started chatting with me then I asked about how long away from the car because he saw are cars. He looked at his odometer and said about 10 miles. I was like oh chit not sure if I had enough water and food for another 10 miles.

I got a top of the false summit where I thought my car was going to be. There was a fun long downhill that dropped about 1500ft elevation that ate up about 5 miles of that but I was thinking shucks going to have to climb another 2000 ft to the car. The weather was cooler and the sun was dropping so I wasn’t worried about water I had enough.


Around the bend in a canyon another jet flew low it was pretty impressive how it maneuvered. Since I had awhile to think. I was amazed how a machine like that could be produced from products that come from mines. One more corner I came up on the remands of a mine town.


Another couple miles and I was leaving the borders of Death Valley National park. I started to reflex on my Bikepacking trip through and area of Death Valley and was amazed what the desert and history offered and knowing there are more roads to explore for future winter trips. I had a few switch back climbs and saw my car. I was ready to rehydrate and get some chow.


The days ride took me about 3 hours longer then I expected and 5-10 miles longer. I wish I had brought some cheap flip flops some gummy snacks and electrolytes to put in my water.

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13 Responses to Death Valley Hot Springs out Day 3

  1. Jeff Moser says:

    Dang, that looks like a long climb…but beautiful! Great photos.

  2. ianzuck says:

    Hey, this looks like an excellent ride, thanks for writing it up. I’m planning a trip in DV myself, and I was just wondering, if you had the gps for this trip, or a list of roads you took, if you’d be willing to share those. Thanks!

  3. ianzuck says:

    Hey, cool, that’s terrific. Thanks! (somehow I missed your comment until now). If you want, you can email me directly at ezucke2 at gmail. Thanks so much!!

  4. th3l0cust says:

    the weather is looking great for a trip this weekend. about how much water did you carry? was there a water resupply at the dunes camp or did you carry 2 days worth of water through that section?

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