A Wanna Be RC Truck Racer// Due Diligence

A Wanna Be RC Truck Racer// Due Diligence

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The Beginner RC Truck Racer Journey

I wanna get back to RC Trucks and racing. I had a few RC Trucks over a decade ago…..but I kept destroying the Speed Controls and other mistakes. I gave up, The hobby got to expensive plus the neighbor sold his house that we had fun building a back yard track in. My mother moved closer so now I can visit more and she lives close to an RC TRack. I wanted a hobby to do when I go visit mom.

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A new web cam in Bridgeport, CA

I have been looking forward to a live web camera in Bridgeport California . I like to seek adventures is this area .


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Gravel Tour Bridgeport, CA to Hawthorn, NV

Gravel Tour Bridgeport, CA to Hawthorn, NV


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Packrafting Truckee River Reno

Exploring the truckee river Reno by Packraft with my bike.

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Saddleback Lakes Packrafting Loop

Wanting a loop to Packraft backcountry lakes.


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My Name is Hunter and I like to Geocache and Hot Springs

My Name is Hunter and I like to Geocache and Hot Springs.

I don’t usually like to reveal Hot Springs but this is a resort. Oh yeah I like to Geocache and ride my Gravel Bike on Lonely Roads. I Vlogged about it.

Geocache and Hot Springs
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Mammoth to Lone Pine Day 2(A Bike Tourist)


I had the best sleep of the whole winter season. I have been working six days a week The days were long. I have sacrificed rest to get some play days in but I finally had two days in a row off. So yesterdays 50 miles paired with a crowler of double IPA I slept and had good dreams.

The next day I heard the words Rise and Shine. KC got me up to see the bobcat in the tree and the morning light. I enjoyed drinking coffee and having a nice soak in the hot spring. It was time to begin day 2 of the mini bike tour and to get to Lone Pine.

The morning Light sipping bean juice.
Pack it Pack it Out

We Packed it in and packed out all our gear and the Rubbish we consumed. It was time to begin day 2 of the mini bike tour and to get to Lone Pine. We started back on the old hwy.

The road turned to gravel for a bit with a over look of a some more of the Owens Valley and some canals.

As we pulled into town we saw the Copper Top BBQ place on the left which was ranked by Yelp users at one time Number one in the country. If you are into Disk golf they sell there logo disks. I purchased one a couple weeks back.

It was early and we were content because we shared a burrito for breakfast.

We headed down just a bit farther to the High Country Market and Gas Station to get some beverages.

Topped off out water bottles. I sipped on some Body Armor beverage to replenish some electrolytes.

It felt good to be on my bike. Views of the White Mountain Range to my left. White Mountain Peak is the third Highest Peak in California at 14,252 ft. To my right was the towering Peaks of the Eastern Sierra with the Highest Peak in the lower USA Mount Whitney at 14,505 ft also the Second Highest Mount Williamson at 14,379 ft. We could see old Lava flows that reach lengths of 9 kilometres (5.6 mi) and have thicknesses of 0.01–30 metres (0.39 in – 98 ft 5.10 in) and sometimes lava flows from separate cones …

Age of rock: Pleistocene

Last eruption: 17,000 years ago

Birds were migrating up the Valley an we gazed over at a ranch and saw Elk grazing.

We had a small gradual climb then dropped down and turned off the highway by Taboose Campground and headed towards a Micro town of Aberdeen. Years back we camped a Taboose Campground and dined at the historic cafe. unfortunately now its just another Tales of the El Camino Sierra.

After we Marveled of the Nostalgia of the town we rambled on the old Highway enjoying mostly a car free zone. The valley was filled with green sage and wildflowers where blooming.

After about 8 to 10 miles we headed towards the highway but first I was impressed with the iron work on the gate of 8mile Ranch.

We were getting closer to the Town of Fort independence. The grade caught my attention because someone must have enjoyed hanging out here and dispose of there Coors cans.

We had ridden about 45 miles and was getting hungry. This Ice Cream shop caught are attention called Indys Place 395.

Now this place was a special place alone 395 they make there own ice cream and the flavors are amazing. This bike tour became some what of a foodie tour also. We each had a scoop .

Now I went to go sit in the shade by my bike and savor the flavor.

I looked up and I noticed that KC was looking in the windows so of course the curious Hunta had to go check it out the windows had displays. I was astonished.


I was astonished of the collection of old cameras and the fun display of the nomes.

The ice cream was delicious but we wanted some real food we road passed the old court house this year just so happens to be the centennial year for the courthouse.

and Hotel.

We got to the Food Truck and shared a burrito. We here only 15 more miles to Lone Pine where we would have a nice dinner.

Food Truck
Open Burritos
half a burrito

While eating I did book a room on my phone.

I had to make a quick pit stop after lunch.

When you gotta go

My bum was getting sore from riding but the beauty of the ride never stopped.

We crossed over the LA aqueduct where water is supplied to the Los Angeles Basin.

according to the Tales of El Camino Sierra this damn was blown many times to block the flow of the water to LA.

It was howdy time we Made it to Lone Pine and we where in search of are hotel.

We found are hotel and we had a view of Mt Whitney.

We where pooped and the hotel was great we chilled for a bit.

We stopped in for a Celebrated beer at Jakes Saloon which was one of four buildings of the 59 that survived a 7.plus earthquake in the 1800s.

then we grabbed some dinner at the totem cafe. Which was great.

The End

oh wait we still had to get home.

We got up early to catch the 6:10am Eastern Sierra Bus back to Mammoth with a Transfer at Bishop.

If you have a weekend and just want to bike tour the 395 do it the traffic shoulders are nice and wide but of course you always want to be aware. The bus doesn’t run on Saturday or Sunday FYi

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Mammoth to Lone Pine Day 1(A Bike Tourist)

Mammoth to Lone Pine (A Bike Tourist)

I lived in the Sierra now for 18 years and have always wanted to bike tour Hwy 395 aka El Camino Sierra Hwy. The highway is rich with history if your interesting in a great read about historical events about the highway check this book El Camino Sierra Vol 1-3. out especially before attempting this bike tour yourself.

Now I have done bits and pieces of the ride but never the full stretch. It has been a long winter working six days a week. I finally had two days in a row off and wanted to do a semi easy 80% road with about 20% gravel and broken up old parts of the 395 and frontage roads.

My buddy KC also wanted to come up ironically to do something kinda adventures. So the plan was to ride to Keough Hot Springs and camp the first day from Mammoth. The second day was to ride from Keough’s to Lone Pine. Stay in a hotel and catch the Eastern Sierra Transit Bus at 6am back to Mammoth, so I could be back to work by Noon. FYI the bus only runs Monday thru Friday.

We packed our bikes from Mammoth had a nice 3 mile downhill.

KC and Hunta’s Epic take off.

We got off highway 203 and had a rolling not quite flat ride off 20 miles. The owner Tina of the delicious Resturant Dish Bistro saw us riding and snapped some picture of us Thank You Tina.

riding along the highway near Crowley Lake

From here there is a great vantage point of Crowley Lake

From here we had a gradual climb to Toms Place.

The next 12 miles was the funnest part of the ride a downhill decent of 3500ish ft down Rock Creek road. If you happen to do this route on a mountain bike there is a great Singletrack that follows the river but we were on are gravel bikes and opted for speed.

As we got down to Round Valley we took the road up to gorge road and road the Pleasant Valley bike road to Chalk Bluff RD.

We came back and crossed hwy 395 to Ed Powers RD to Red Hill then merged onto W Line Street also known as HWY 168. We were ready for lunch and a Beer at Mountain Rambler Brewery .

We were full and content and wanted to stay longer but needed to Ramble on. We each packed up a crowler and a brownie and a burrito from the Taquira next door for breakfast and mushed on to Keough’s for a campout.

Stairing up the old El Camino Sierra HWY to Keoughs

About 5 miles we hoped off hwy 395 to ride the old El Camino Sierra Hwy mixture of gravel and old Pavement and imagined driving an old Model T.

We were in Spring the Wild Flower where blooming as we starting looking for a place to set up camp up the old Hwy we witness some deer doing there thing.

We found A spot to set up about an hour before Sunset.

camp dirtbag

setup a camp chair a must and cracked open the Crowler.

Camp Chair and Crowler a Must when dirt bagging.

Once the beer was crack relaxed and chatted about the tour took in the views of the Range of Light transition to the Range of Stars there was no moon so the star show was intense.

Range of Light looking at the Whites.

The next morning KC was up early to catch the morning light I was pooped and didn’t hear him crawl out of his tent. As he was taking his soak he got to see a bobcat in a tree doing his morning scout for breakfast .

Bobcat on the lookout for breakfast.

I was lucky the cat hangout long enough for KC to come holler “Rise and Shine Hunta there is a bobcat in the tree” I lived in the Sierra for 18 years and never seen a bobcat in the Sierra I was so grateful the cat hangout long enough for me to enjoy the elusive creature.

I took a turn to soak then headed back to camp. KC heated up some water and enjoyed the morning light until it was time to poo.

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Packraft to do list Granite Creek, Hobeck, WY.

Packraft to do list Granite Creek, Hobeck, WY.

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