2015 Badger Race aka San Jacinto Enduro: Idyllwild, CA

This was a great time seeing old and new friends and the trails where great. I thank the Hub Family. Thanks Alan J for this write up.

Dirty Teeth – Alan's Mountain Biking Adventures

I love Idyllwild.  No need to pull my arm to make a trip out there and see Brendan and Mary at The Hub Cyclery and ride bikes with friends.  Plus, I never felt satisfied with the amount of Idyllwild trails I rode on the Stagecoach 400 – since it merely takes you in and out of Idyllwild as the beginning and end of a super duper lollipop. So when the Badger Race (re-named from the San Jacinto Enduro) lined up with my fickle schedule, it was on like Donkey Kong!  The perfect excuse to conquer 57 miles and 7,200′ of climbing on the best trails in the area!!  So Hunter and I jumped in the trusty Tacoma, and after a stop to fill growlers at Mountain Rambler Brewery, made our way to paradise.

The venue for the movie screening did not suck. The venue for the movie screening did not suck.

The weekend started off with a movie screening…

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You Gotta Ride (mountain bike) Trail Oasis (Spicer Ranch) Beatty, NV

I have driven thru Beatty, NV back and forth a few times from Mammoth to Las Vegas or Goose Berry Mesa, Southern Utah and Beatty has always been a Gas stop at the Candy Nut place. I have looked at the terrain and always thought hum this would be a cool place to ride. One day looking at facebook I saw that SNMBA had shared Trails Oasis out of Beatty, NV. I was like Hot Dog gotta check it out. Time has past and finally was going to go ride this place I invited John to come out also so he was like sure. I checked out the Trails OV website and the MTBproject site  and typed Beatty, NV.

I original saw 8 miles of singletrack and thought cool I can just make this a quick day trip but knew I wanted to check out Baily’s Hot Springs as well. I left the option of camping out. Turns out Trails Oasis has a camping area.

So we hoped in the car put it on cruize control made the Three Hour trip from Mammoth Lakes, CA to Beatty, NV. I was trying to remember the turn off Boiling Point RD.

Saw the Great Land Mark a Yellow Bike (art work) mounted on the gate and a sign.


Standing by the Land Mark.

I followed the parking signs to a Kiosk


Kiosk with Guest Book and a Donation Box

I wasn’t really sure what to expect but I thought it was awesome someone was sharing his ranch and trails to the world.


Making my entry and a donation.

John and I got kitted up and was excited what Beatty, NV had to share to the world.

We started to ride up and was quickly greeted by Dave Spicer himself.


Dave and John chatted it up excited to share his passion.

Dave said you boys go check out the Dynamite Trail and I will meet you back and he would give us the tour.


The start of the Storm Trail

As soon as you hit the first Cattle Guard sign marker you could see you where in for a treat.


Getting are start on the Storm Trail

We started on the Storm trail heading to the Dynamite Trail.


Crossing thru the horse pasture

It was great riding thru a pasture full of horses


The other side of the pasture great Red Hill in the back drop.

On the other side of the pasture was the dynamite Junction and it was up and away a Black Diamond Trail


From the Dynamite Trail great views


Some Cliff side exposure to add some excitement.

As you start riding you just cant keep a smile off your face lots of flow very sustained trails.


A vast view point


Spicer Ranch Over Look

After the Spicer Ranch Overlook we descended a techie cliff side descent to junction to the SouthPond Trail. There where ponds scattered around the ranch.


Cattleguard crossing Southpond Junction.


Southpond Trail


Southpond Overlook


Dave Spicer meeting up with us to show us the back trails


To the Plutonium Trail

We starting riding up the Plutonium Trail to the ridge line there was a slight grade but you were climbing.


We used the old Silica Mine of the early 1900s as a landmark

Dave told us when we are out riding to take a look around to see landmarks to have a look around like the old Silica mine of the early 1900s.


A look back at the glories singletrack of what we have ridden and more to come.


Smiles of singletrack


Had to take a Classic U2 photo


Brad Screamer Junction and Plutonium Ridge Junction

At the Brad Screamer Junction we could see and hear some of the wild Burro but they where to far for me to get a good photo.


It started getting dark it was time to race the amazing sunset


Beautiful Pinks sunset reflecting off on of the many Ponds

We hand got back to the car just with a sunset of light. Dave invited us back the next day to go ride more trails. We were tired and hungry after amazing fun filled flow trails day. It was time to go find are campground and soak in some hot springs also to find some eats.


Baily’s Hot Springs and Camp


Camp site on a grassy area Private hot spring in the background

We went and setup the tent now we just had to pick up the keys there weere three to pick from but one had a Mammoth Brewery sticker on it so we choose that one.


Mammoth Brewery Stickered Key


The soaking was nice after a long ride.

After the hot springs it was time to go get some chow. The suggestion tonight was Mama Sara’s for some local flavor.


Mama Sara’s

After a Carna Asada Burrito with rice and Beans and a Beer. I was ready to go back soak in the hot springs for a bit more. I was so relaxed and ready to crawl in my sleeping bag and ZZZZZZZZZZZZ.

To camp and soak the price was $16.35 cents but I just gave them the full $17. I thought it was a good price to lay my head and also to enjoy a nice Natural Mineral bath so much that when I got up and soaked some more right at 7 am when it reopens. We broke camp down and was ready for a warm breakfast the morning was pretty cold at 40 degrees. Mel’s Diner was the place for a hot breakfast.

Image 3

Classic Diner Mel’s

Image 4

With a Classic Breakfast I want some French Toast

Hot damn that was delicious. I had no idea you could get friendly service and great food. But now it was time to meet back up for some more amazing singletrack.


We left the parking lot to start the Canteen Trail


Canteen to the Junction Trail


More great Joshua Trees

We linked back up to Brads Screamer and dropped down to a wash trail where we really had fun on are fatbikes. We saw and old mine with bunks still inside and then this waterfall canyon would have been fun if I had my canyoneering gear with me we finished the trail reconnecting to the Canteen which actually had an old canteen on the side of the trail.

we rode from 9am until 1:30pm and still did not not touch all the trails but I had to get back to town. we went back to Beatty for Lunch at KC Outpost and Saloon.

The land marks.


The T-bird Special so good

You really should come play on these trails and sample some of the good eats of Beatty, NV

Another great read on Beatty, NV Mountain biking http://gilamonsteroutback.com

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Adventure in Tonopah!

I have driven and bike toured thru Tonopah, NV but have never really checked the town out. May 21, 2010 Flashback video bike touring thru Tonopah, NV

I have also been into Mountain biking around and thru living and Non living Ghost towns. The history of how these places use to thrive have been interesting to me of late. I occasionally  like to disk golf and hit up a Brewery as well. I had also heard the Mizpah Hotel was reopened by Fred and Nancy Cline, vintners from Sonoma, Calif., Tonopah’s five-story Mizpah hotel, which had been closed for 12 years.

The hotel operators hoped the location would attract the “adventure traveler,” said Ms. Cline, 58. “It is in the middle of nowhere, and you literally feel like it is 1910.” Well there quote was right it attracted the Adventure traveler me hehe.

So I made the drive from Mammoth Lakes, CA to Tonopah, NV  about a 2 hour drive with a friend John. We pulled into the Nostalgic town of Tonopah instantly you notice old classic cars, Old historic Buildings a blast from the past. The first goal was to find the Historic Mining Town Park entrance you could see the name on the Mountain of Mt. Oddie. We found the Entrance.


John checking the signs before we enter the park


Parking at the visitor center

We parked at the visitor center to check out the exhibit pay are $5 person entrance fee. Thought it was totally worth it.


gift shop


The first exhibit John was a kid in the candy hopping in the old search and rescue Jeep.


A fantastic exhibit of rocks and minerals blown away.


A little theater.


We got are map and you could mountain bike which really allowed to check out the place 5 miles of trails.


The first exhibit was this truck that lowered people into a mine.


Checking out the Queen


Climbing up a steep trail to the top. Not recommended for beginners


Top of the mine over looking a section of town,


Top of the mine over looking the main Town of Tonopah


Riding back down to the queen on Double track.


Riding on an old car track over looking town.


A much needed break with a view ;)


Where gold, silver bars where stored. Old safe that was blown open but the robbers where denied the precious metal.


The Foundation of one of the mines.


Original Cabin of Barbara Graham

Barbara Graham


John enjoying the Glory Hole Exhibit


Original Miners Cabin 1909


John riding one of the trails to check out more Historic awesomeness.


John imaging what it was like working the Gold Ore Mill


A view of town from the Mill

I could see the Tonopah Brewery from the Mill window. I was getting hungry and wanting to taste the beer.


Old electric meter.


Riding under the Gold Ore mill would be need if gold feel from the sky into my pocket although might hurt a bit.


Mizpah Hotel from the mine.


The earth being retained by the rafters




riding in a mineshaft very cool.


over looking at least four stories of tunnels.


This was very cool the Real Knotts Berry Farm.


The original fat bikes 30x 3.8 tire size.


How Miners lived


old Bottles and stuff everything was so crafted back in the days.


Coffee and bikes was also popular back then.

The trail was ok for mountain biking not recommended for beginners except lower part but it was a great experience to see the park. I would truly recommend it if you are into checking this stuff out.

When I had heard there was a brewery that opened up it was a bonus to come enjoy Tonopah.


Tonopah Brewery

Pulling up to the Tonopah Brewery was pretty neat and after checking out the Mine park seeing the big pick clicked why the Brewery had a large pick. Entering into the brewery was very nice and clean nice feel to eat.

After looking the menu I knew the tasters was the right choice. Paired with the 1/2 brisket burger and 1/2 Burnt tips Burger with the Nuclear sauce for a little kick a side of Potato Salad. OMG and the best onions rings I have ever had I really liked the old silver dollars embedded to the bar.


the 3oz tasters


Beer Tanks


So freakin good yes I am a foodie

After a late lunch we checked out Highland Park to play a nine hole Disk Golf which we ended up doubling to make it a 18 hole. This course was fun for us because are home course is just in the woods with some ribbons around a tree. So playing with real baskets was a nice thing the park was empty. Also was a nice park.


John trying to par hole 2


The 9 hole a gimme shot hehe

Tonopah was a fun day trip. riding bikes checking out neat old stuff yummy beer and food and Disk golf. Next up Winnemucca and Beatty, NV

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You just got a Fatbike and you wanna pack a Snow trail

You just got a Fatbike and you wanna pack a Snow trail because you have know where to ride. You wanna get snowshoes.

May I suggest getting the MSR evo the price is right and they pack down the snow great and square out the trail. If you are solo snowshoeing like I do a bit myself, you will want to backtrack your trail alternating your steps to try to pack the trail evenly.

Also get some kind of sled or make one with about a 5lbs weight and drag it behind you. grab your favorite beverage and if your enjoy music grab you iMusic device.

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Caldera 250/500 – Race Diary of the 2015 Grand Depart

These finishers are amazing on a majestic route.

“Confronted with the petty concerns of my ordinary life, I feel empty, as if I am wasting a priceless gift, the brief time that is allotted to each human for creativity… Can this longing and restlessness be the price that mortals pay for daring to trespass in the houses of the Gods? Mountains are not stadiums where I satisfy my ambitions to achieve. They are cathedrals, grand and pure, the houses of my religion. I approach them as any human goes to worship. On there alters I strive to perfect myself physically and spiritually. In their presence I attempt to understand my life, to exorcise vanity, greed, and fear. From the vantage of their lofty summits, I view my past, dream of my future, and with unusual acuteness I experience the present moment. I celebrate creation, for on each journey, I am reborn.”       – Anatoli Boukreev /…

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Fun in the Summer – Calendar, Updates, ETC

exciting stuff in Mammoth this week and the future if your a Mountain Bike Fan.


Man, it’s so fun seeing all the mtb buzz in town this week for natty’s and all summer long – hope everybody is enjoying it!!  Here is some important stuff – spread the word:

1.  TODAY/TONIGHT (tuesday, 7/14) – High School MTB “Ride With a Pro” followed by pizza and Singletrack High Movie Screening.  Register at Canyon Lodge 3-4pm, ride from 4-5:30 followed by pizza and screening up at Grizzly Theatre.  FREE for all kids ages 10-18.  please spread the word to anyone you know with kids – lets get them out there on bikes and get stoked to ride!!
2.  good luck to everybody racing in Natty’s – i’ve got two words for ya: GET SOME!
3.  Sierra 7500 Redux – 27 and 50 mile course — registration is open and free, we’ve got a handful of people signed up already – this ride will get…

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A Solo Hike to Iva Bell Hot Springs Rainbow Falls TrailHead to Fish Creek Trail

I have wanted to get this hike off the list for a few years after hearing about for a while.

Packing the Bare Boxer 2-3 days of food

Packing the Bare Boxer 2-3 days of food

Bikepacks and Backpack packed

Bikepacks and Backpack packed

Bike loaded and ready to ride

Bike loaded and ready to ride

A much needed stop at the wilderness center to pickup the permit.

A much needed stop at the wilderness center to pickup the permit.

This hike was truly amazing for not having a Alpine Lake I would think it would be apart of Yosemite National Park with the towering Granite walls. The reward was the hot springs and wished I had an extra day for the effort and also to find the other pools. It was worth the bike ride down to beat the Wild crowd. (Oh wait I saw the movie twice I am the WILD crowd ha) I also wished I had brought my TenkaraUSA rod because there where some great fishing holes. I did time it right because the next day we got a foot of snow.

A much needed stop at Mammoth Brewery

A much needed stop at Mammoth Brewery

The next day a new foot of fresh

The next day a new foot of fresh



The Elevation Scale

The Elevation Scale

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My mini JMT Tuolumne Meadows to Agnew Meadows

After watching the Movie WILD for the second thought I would catch up on my hike blog.

I have wanted to do the John Muir Trail from Toulumne Meadows to Agnew Meadows for ten years now living in Mammoth and driving Packers to and from the trailhead. So this year I was finally going to do it (September 2014) I was going to pickup the YARTS Bus from Juniper Springs Resort bus stop which was the closest spot to my house.  I only had two and half days to do it. I had a lot of out dated gear to todays standards. September was a good time to pick up gear from Mammoth Mountaineering Supply stuff was going on sale for transition of winter. This place is a candy store for gear heads like myself. They sure do pack a lot of toys in this building. They have the goods. I really wanted to update my Bear Cache also that I had for 15 years now. I wanted a smaller lighter one for 2-3 days of food. So I found the Bare Boxer online. Took about a week to receive it.

Bear Cache vs The Bare Boxer

Bear Cache vs The Bare Boxer

Awesome now I have a smaller pack, Merino wool, Western Mountaineering, Down Pants, Jacket, Booties, Sleeping Bag etc. I was packed and ready to catch that YARTS BUS.

The Gear is packed and ready to go.

The Gear is packed and ready to go.

I caught that 6:15 am bus to Tuolumne Meadows I believe it was about an 1 hour bus ride. The permits where already booked so I had to make sure I was on that first bus so I could get to the Tuolumne Meadows Wilderness Center before 8 am. When I got there there where a few people in line already. It was brisk about 28 degrees. Once the doors opened I was in 5th place. I was excited I got a permit and was ready to hike what I thought was going to be about 28 miles.

A happy camper with my wilderness permit.

A happy camper with my wilderness permit.

I was excited I got a permit and was ready to hike what I thought was going to be about 28 miles.

At the start of JMT via Tuolumne Meadows

At the start of JMT via Tuolumne Meadows

As I started to hike I was wowed by a lush meadow and was surprised by the trail being flat. I was thinking ok this isn’t going to be bad. I did watch this movie on Netflix’s called Mile Mile and a Half and I knew I was suppose to have this tough pass called Donahue Pass and I was going to camp just on the other side. I was going to have two night stays and try to be back at work by 3:00 pm. That was my only Idea I had a GPS with the GPX file loaded and a Map.

The start of the trail a nice meadow double track trail.

The start of the trail a nice meadow double track trail.

After hiking not sure how long and how far the valley started to open up I came to an amazing granite rock with a creek running thru it and crossed it with this neat bridge.

A fantastic Bridge crossing a Granite creek.

A fantastic Bridge crossing a Granite creek.

The weather warmed up quick. I was drinking water faster then I expected I took a little break by this pool of water and filled up my Nalgene Bottle.

One of the many pools of water flowing thru granite.

One of the many pools of water flowing thru granite.

Start to get deep in the meadow still rather flat I assumed Donahue Pass was in the distance.

Donohue Pass was in the distance

Donohue Pass was in the distance

As I was getting closer there was a nice kinda deep river that looked to me like nature’s lap pool (ok maybe you had to be a swimmer) with trout swimming around. Donahue Pass was getting closer and it was starting to look like a beautiful monster.

The trail paralleling Natures lap pool

The trail paralleling Natures lap pool

I had reached the start of the pass and yes it started to pitch quickly


The Pass leveled out for a bit to a nice little lake.


I had stopped at the lake for bit surprised to see two camps right next to the lake thinking you had to be 100 feet from a lake also looked like those camps where heavily used.

A look back at the lake and starting another steep pitch.

A look back at the lake and starting another steep pitch.

I looked to the distance to see the giant I need to climb.

Looking towards the Eye of the Tiger and thinking Rocky Balboa did not run these many steps

Looking towards the Eye of the Tiger and thinking Rocky Balboa did not run these many steps

I am still climbing thinking to myself why do people do this? This is not fun! My feet are starting to blister. I still have about 20 miles to go yikes.

I reached the top.

I reached the top.

I had reached the top I was hungry I reached in my cache of food and pulled out gummy worms which where heavy but tasted so good I could feel my body sucking up the sugars like a sponge. Looked around caught my breath and looked with amazement what I had just accomplished. There was no one around the sights were amazing. Only a few birds singing and a Marmot begging for my food. Ok this is why we backpack got it, but damn by body and feet hurt. OK not sure where I was going to set up camp but I knew I couldn’t camp here I needed to mush on. I was ready to setup tent take a nature bath and make a dinner.

I found a nice camp off the trail.

I found a nice camp off the trail.

Once I had set up camp off the trail I found a little watering hole to wash up. Then went back to check my heavy food cache. I broke out my heavy pouch off black beans and tortillas and some Tapatio Sauce. As my brother said tapatio sauce will make shit taste good although not willing to try it. After a hearty meal I was ready to read a book and realized I had left it at home so I just laid in my sleeping bag until I was off to Z-land.

3 days food in my Bare Boxer

3 days food in my Bare Boxer

I woke up and had the other half of my beans and tortillas for breakfast and some coffee. I was thinking I had hiked about 18 miles. I should have about 10 miles to go. I didn’t have a book so I was thinking I might get bored at camp so I was going to just hike out the rest of the way. No problem 10 miles and no Donahue Pass.

Back on the trail

Back on the trail

Yellow Bellied Marmot saying hello or wanting food.

Yellow Bellied Marmot saying hello or wanting food.

Back on the trail. I was back in the tree line with mixed granite, boulders, meadows and this marmot to send me off on the trail.

Cute Marmot

Cute Marmot.

Tree crossing

Tree crossing

From Donahue Pass going to Island Pass

From Donahue Pass going to Island Pass

I didn’t do my home work very well I had three passes on this trip and was a little confused on the PCT trail marker.IMG_0043

I supposed it didn’t matter I still had to cross them.

The Pass to Thousand Island Lakes

The Pass to Thousand Island Lakes

I was starting to feel tired but also great that I was closer.

Taking a much needed rest enjoying the view of Mt Banner and Thousand Island Lakes

Taking a much needed rest enjoying the view of Mt Banner and Thousand Island Lakes

I stopped to take in the views and learned that there was a glacier here that fed Thousand Island Lake.

looking at the Southeast Glacier that feeds into Thousand Island Lake.

looking at the Southeast Glacier that feeds into Thousand Island Lake.

An Iconic view great place to enjoy a Cliff Bar and Gummy Bears.








Another Lake another Break

Another Lake another Break


I had missed my river trail here and continued on the JMT


I looked on my GPS to confirm I did indeed miss the river trail after I had climbed another 500 ftIMG_0064

After missing the river trail I was thinking glad I didn’t camp another night I would have been late to work. I looked at the map and I thought damn I am adding another 4-5 miles to the hike.


I went by the great lake stripped off the cloths and went for a dip.

I went by the great lake stripped off the cloths and went for a dip.

I wasn’t sure where I was going at this point but I would just go with it since I had an Idea where I was at some where between Reds Meadow and Devils Post Pile and knew I just needed to make the 8 pm Reds Meadow Shuttle out.

I think it was called Shadow Lake

I think it was called Shadow Lake

That was what I need a cold refreshing energizer a dip in the water to sooth sore muscles and the Chaff it was better then Red Bull.


Holy Smokes I came to this step stairway that was carved in to the stone.


I was so glad at this point from hiking all day I was going down.


Down Down Down


I got to the bottom with a nice groomed trail and semi flat thinking awesome I am almost there.


The trail just kept going and going.


What another lake.


OK groovy I want to come out at Agnew Meadows I was smiles with this sign.


At Last Agnew Meadows

At Last Agnew Meadows

At Last I had made it to Agnew Meadows finally been there done that Tuolumne Meadows to Agnew Meadows. I had the time to reflect on this trip while waiting for the Reds Meadow Shuttle. I can now relate to people that come here from all over the world to get the Mini taste of the JMT. The views where differently rewarding although I felt like I didn’t really have the time to enjoy them.


After plugging my GPS in the Basecamp app I had hiked 36 miles.

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I finally purchased my Alpacka Raft (packraft) and had to give it a go.

I tend to like to start my day off brewing some coffee or Yerba Mate and watch youtube or vimeo adventure videos and since I had purchased a fatbike, I punched in Fatbike keywords a lot so I came across this vid

Lost Coast Fat Bike and Packraft: Pedal, Paddle, and Push 

which had triggered a new want list. 2 years later I saved the cash to make this purchase. less then a week later the UPS man dropped the box off at my door step. I became very giddy and excited to try this new toy. I had to wait another week because I didn’t think about how I was going to carry this item. So I pulled the trigger on a Revelate Designs Harness which I also wanted for bikepacking. It was time to give it a go all my items where here. I packed my dakine hydration pack with a coffee making kit a Sculpin Pale Ale and a couple PBnJ sandwiches in case I was going to have a long day.

The day started off cool like it was going to snow so I was dressed in my merino wool and my bike riding fleece jacket and stopped by Basecamp cafe for breakfast

Breakfast at Basecamp Cafe

Breakfast at Basecamp Cafe

After a full belly I was nice and warm and ready to ride. I started on the bike path thru Aspen trees.

Aspen Trees bike Path Ride

Aspen Trees bike Path Ride

After riding down a 4 mile gravel road I had to make a few adjustments with the raft and paddle. My paddle was the Manta Ray Carbon paddle 4 piece. Once down the 4 mile gravel road I hit a mile of nice single track with some brush I was rubbing the brush with my paddle. I only had the paddle broken down in two pieces. After riding along I realized if I broke the paddle down in 4 pieces I would be okay. I was learning as I went along I could stuff the shaft part of the paddle inside the stock Alpacka Raft bag and the paddle piece would stay fine wrapped in the harness.

Singletrack underneath hwy 395

Singletrack underneath hwy 395

Now that I got the kinks out I was rolling great. I was looking forward to getting to the hot springs and brewing some coffee and enjoying the surroundings. I stopped had a look back at Mammoth Mountain to realize how far I had ridden. Then I kept riding.

A look back on Hot Creek Road

A look back on Hot Creek Road

I made a stop at Hot Creek the Turquoise Pools reminded me of Yellowstone National Park.

Hot Creek Pools

Hot Creek Pools

I was off to a hot spring that where safe to soak in.

brewing Coffee At a hot spring

brewing Coffee At a hot spring

After an 18 mile bike ride I reached a fav hot spring. I broke out my coffee kit and began to brew some nectar of the gods.

While waiting for the coffee to brew I took in the 360 views and relaxed as the warm water soothed the muscles. After sipping on the coffee the sun started to warm up. I packed up the coffee kit and pedaled on thru a cow made singletrack thru a meadow.

Cattle made singletrack

Cattle made singletrack

About 3 miles more I reached the river bank of the Upper Owens River near Browns Campground a popular place for Anglers during fishing season.

Once I set my packraft up I reached in my hydration pack in pulled out a Sculpin Pale Ale, Sat on my boat and enjoyed once again the views of the Eastern Sierra, Glass Mountains and White Mountains.

Alpacka Raft on the river bank

Alpacka Raft on the river bank

The weather warmed up to about 60F degrees. When I left my house it was 30F degrees. I was happy it had warmed up because the river was running low due to are California Drought lowest snowfall on record since they where keeping track in 1895. I had to get out of the boat a couple times because I was getting beached and I was getting wet.

Getting Beached

Getting Beached

I did not order my Packraft with a Spray Deck so I will be sending it back in the future to have one installed.

I floated down the river almost 3 miles picking my way thru the deeper part of the river I did drag a few times and was impressed with the durability of the raft and liked how I was able to tie down the bike and pack to the raft and float down the river. Once I reached my out and rolled the raft up and packed down on the harness I figured out even a better way to pack it on the bike. I was getting hungry pulled out a PBnJ sandwich put on my jacket and headed 20 miles back to home.

The Map of my adventure

The Map of my adventure

Here is a 3 minute edit of the trip.


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A fatbike trip to Jalama Beach

There is a beach that I really enjoy camping out at it is called Jalama Beach.

Early Sunrise campout Jalama Beach

Early Sunrise campout Jalama Beach

High Tide waiting for it to drop.

High Tide waiting for it to drop.

I love that I can bring my fatbike and ride almost 12 miles of coastline and rarely see people. You do want to check the tide report on this ride because hide tide it is not ridable.

I also like to bring my surfboard and paddle board. The Jalama Beach store has a great breakfast

The Jalama Beach store and Cafe

The Jalama Beach store and Cafe

Early Morning Breakfast Burrito

Early Morning Breakfast Burrito

and of course the Jalama Burger.

A Jalama Burger and local 805 beer

A Jalama Burger and local 805 beer

A nice drive to get here but well worth it for I. hope you enjoy the vid I threw together.

Jalama Beach Ride

Jalama Beach Ride

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