Iamthehunter S3e5 Visiting Beatty, NV and mountain biking Trails Oasis.

Iamthehunter S3e5 Visiting Beatty, NV and mountain biking Trails Oasis.

I really enjoying going to Beatty, NV Fall, Winter and Spring. My go to breakfast in Beatty is Mels Diner. I usually eat lunch on the ranch having a sandwich or something like this. Then I go back to town to have Beer and Chili and the Happy Burro. I really like the building built sometime in the late 1800 Hundreds with a nice outside setting and fireplace when its cold. There is also a great Saloon to pop in next door. Then I go back to Trails-Oasis Ranch with a campground and hot Showers. I usually bring firewood with me. There is a great firepit barrel. Trails Oasis is truly a special place for me. its a great place for me to escape the snow and go ride dirt on my Mountain Bike.

Watch My video series of Trails Oasis and Beatty, NV and Rhyolite and Abandon Ghost Town.

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Getting into the Investment thing with Robinhood

Getting into the Investment thing with Robinhood and Webull A weekly vlog journal on my progress. Everything Big Starts Small. I started the week …

Getting into the Investment thing with Robinhood
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Mountain bike Green River, Utah (Athena Bike Trail)

Mountain bike Green River, Utah (Athena Bike Trail) this trail is almost a secret a great warm up trail or break up the drive on the I70 ride.

A nice Geology ride and an over look of Green River. Athena Mountain Bike Trail

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Getting into the Investment thing with Robinhood

Getting into the Investment thing with Robinhood and Webull A weekly vlog journal on my progress.

Everything Big Starts Small.

I started the week Sunday night with $20 it seemed like a good time to buy so I put in another $20 and then $3 dollars a day. I usually spend money going out to eat or buying coffee or Redbull or beer.

I am cutting back some on going out spending and rolling some of those funds into the market. I understand the market can be like gambling. With Robinhood you can buy partial shares so the first week I spread the dollars and bought partial stocks in over 25 different stocks.

my very first week recap vlog

If your interested investing in Robinhood or Webull clink on theses links and we both can get 1 -3 free stocks. thanks for checking out my blog. until next week.

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Packrafting the Moab Daily. Moab, Utah

Packrafting the Moab Daily. just outside of the town of Moab, Utah

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Bikepacking The Caldera North 250(500)

Bikepacking The Caldera North 250(500) section Obsidian Campground via Little Walker RD to Hwy 395 short of Buckeye Hot Springs turn off. You start riding up Little Walker Rd for 3 and a half miles. Then you start riding a Single track thru Aspen Trees and Chaparral and the front range of the Sierras.

Here watch the video to get an idea thanks.

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Global FatBike Day in the desert 2018

Global FatBike Day in the desert 2018.

Since the first GFBD I have done the local rides.

This time it was a friends 60th Birthday Shindig at a Campground in Joshua Tree National park. There was a last minute FatBike ride by host Eddie leaving from his home in 29 palms area at 8am.

It was a cool desert day in the high of fifty’s. The plan was to roll out at 8 and head out to rattlesnake Islands around Indian cove campground in Joshua Tree National Park. The half way point to enjoy beverages and snacks.


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The Fraser and Hunters Random hike to the Mono Lake Slot Canyon (fissue)

The Fraser and Hunters Random hike to the Mono Lake Slot Canyon (fissue) We starting hiking from northwest of Mono Lake Black Rock Point. We hiked along the coast thru Black volcanic sand, up 552 ft of climbing to we came long a small cave. A small Arch. Eventually to a slot canyon aka fissue and Black rock peak.

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Caldera Bikepacking Gear List

Caldera Bikepacking Gear List

The Cockpit

  1. Jones Hbar
  2. Broad Fork Bag Banana Hammock
  3. Revelate Designs feed bag
  4. Food inside the Banana Hammock
  5. Not pictured Garmin Etrek 20

The Middle

  1. Rouge Panda Frame Bag
  2. Ridge Merino top and bottom thermals
  1. Northface puffy sweater or Rab Puffy Jacket depending on weather
  2. Montbell Puffy pants
  3. Northface ultra light rain Jacket

the tail

  1. Revelate Seat bag
  2. Down quilt
  3. Air mattress
  4. Ground layer
  5. Bivy sack
  6. Spot trace
  • The Bike
  • Ninja Stealth Plus Bike
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Bikepacking the Central Oregon Backcountry Explorer

Bikepacking the Central Oregon Backcountry Explorer

I had originally planed on finally finishing bike touring the Pacific Coast highway US/ Canada border to Eureka California. I took two weeks off from work a month before the trip I started to get cold feet I wouldn’t make it back in time because of travel and the train was booked solid.

I just bought a gravel bike  for the PCH trip.

New Niner bike at the Maven Bike Shop

New Niner bike at the Maven Bike Shop

So I went on Bikepacking.com for some suggested gravel Routes. I did a  search of some of the routes and came up with Bikepacking the Central Oregon Backcountry Explorer. I saw it was close to Bend, OR. ,would be a reason to visit some friends and Brew tour (haha). I was also in Luck Cody Jinks was in concert.

Cody Jinks concert Bend, OR

Cody Jinks concert Bend, OR

Time passed by and loaded up the rigs to the Subie.. We came to Bend and checked into the Hotel.

The Holiday Mote

The Holiday Motel

I thought this hotel was the best deal in town for a couple dirt baggers. The hotel was close to Down Town and the Concert Venue.

The next morning we grabbed breakfast had the cougar special.


We left Bend, OR and drove to the City of Prineville, OR and got to the Chamber of Commerce like to website recommended to park but they where closed on the weekend or at least Sunday. So we drove up the road to where the forest started and parked at one of the campsites.


The ride started up a paved rd.


About 7 miles up the road the road transitioned to a dirt road and was quickly greeted by the gate keeper a Rubber Boa a gentle slow moving snake.


another few miles down the road we came across one of many creek crossings.


KC was not shy go getting his feet wet me on the other hand didn’t like to get my feet wet.

After another 12 miles of riding it was time for Lunch with the Classic Salami Wrap.

After passing thru the town of Ashwood, Or I seemed to have lost photos.

IMG_7868 (1).jpg

IMG_7869 (1).jpg

Then it was back to some steep climbs with the occasional Thunder showers.


The rain was really starting to come in the roads where turning into Peanut Butter mud paths we where on the hunt for a place to camp next to a creek.


Somewhere between Somewhere between all the private ranches we where able to scratch a little spot to squeeze in under a Juniper and set up Camp.

IMG_5473We hydrated are can of Revision salad and some Chili Mac. hung out polished a few cans in are Bikepacking chairs until the stars came out.


The next day we loaded up after sharing a Biscuits and Gravy.


The goal for the day was to ride to Mitchel, Oregon to Stay at the Spoke n Hostel and of course the Brewery.


exiting the camp ground.



We started to leave the forest and come to a desert. There was a ranch next to a cliff like mountain we where watching swallows coming down to get fresh mud created by the storm and make there nest. Along the way a river (John Day River) started to parallel are ride making me wish I had my packraft.

We then hit a highway next to the painted hill which was an amazing site.


We then turned on to another highway leading to the town of Mitchell.

We stopped for a break it was getting warm, drank water and admired this rock formation.


KC entering the town limits of MitchellIMG_7883

I was getting excited to visit this town after seeing this route on the blog.


We rode up to the Spoke n Hostel. I was beyond amazed with this place they had everything here the hospitality was unreal. I Was so happy I didn’t pass this place up.



The town of Mitchell had so much character. The Tiger Town brewery had great beer and food out of a food truck in the backyard.

After an evening on the town are souls and bellies where happy.

In the am we supported the local economy by having a hot breakfast.


The Mitchell Stage Stop served up some fine Americano Breakfast in a historic building.

We pedaled out of town shortly then immediately started to climb a dirt road.

Surrounded by more Ranch land.

The landscape transition to lush meadows and pines. are nice smooth gravel road turned into a more ruff western double track after climbing all morning it was about 1230-1 we where seeing views. We stopped for a salami wrap lunch took in the view of Pines. We starting seeing snow patches then we started climbing more.

Then the riding became pushing


and pushingIMG_8056

We reached heights over 10,000 plus feet. We pushed thru snow probably 3-5 miles maybe 20 haha


We celebrated finishing the push with a Montucky Cold Snack. I just thought this beer name was awesome.


Are goal for the night was to Camp at Walton Lake.

I fetched water from the lake using my Salsa anything bag so we could have are foil dinners.


We had a nice sleep on full bellys and Maybe more Montucky Snacks.

The next day it was a 12 mile ride back to Prineville where we just made coffee and aimed to have a meal in town.

I left KC at the Brewery then I road another 15 miles to fetch the car. Oh yeah then the Brew tour continued. Whoops meant the Bikepacking we loaded up drove down to San Diego to pickup the Catalina Island gang to Bike Pack the Island where we drank more camped biked and played Disk Golf.

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